Website Restructuring

At this time, I have all of my websites at This might be somewhat confusing, and can be limiting for any future projects. So what I am going to do is I will be restructuring my sites around four different domains. This will be done to make navigating, and performing projects easier to relate with, and understand. This will not include (internal redirects), and (external redirects). The sites will be structured as follows:

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July’s Plans

There is a few things that I would have planned for July. I have received a little bit of extra money which I will go into making a couple of essential purchases. This will of course depend on priorities, and adjustments for those things. Also towards the middle of the month, I will be going to my PCP to have an annual checkup. I don’t expect anything wrong (other than weight), but it is still good to have a physical. I may also consider making some significant changes to my only remaining BAWI site which will depend on what I will do with that. This is not assured though.

And obviously, I will continue on the normal day to day activities which is pretty much the same. I am also waiting on a replacement card that I am hoping to get mid next-week when I check my mailbox. There is nothing wrong with my current card, but since I “upgraded” my account, they felt a need to replace my card. My current card still works, and expect it to work until I activate the new card. Read more “July’s Plans”

June’s Plans

I am writing this post a few days late, so bear with me. I will no longer accept SMS messages from unknown sources. They will still come through, but will likely be ignored. I also went to a doctor’s appointment, and one of my medicine has been increased. Later this month, I will have to do my laundry, and I have two appointments for this month. Thankfully, one of them is in walking distance, so I will likely leave 30 minutes before the due time. On another note, I will be seeing Malak hopefully closer to the middle of the month. It would be nice to see him again.

As for other plans, I am hoping to have a website up and running. I am still working on it, and it will take a few days to finish it. Hopefully, this month will remain quiet. Here’s to hoping for June!

RIP iPod

On Tuesday 2022-05-10, Apple has declared that it would no longer be making the iPod. This is a significant blow to me as I use the iPod to play music all day, and at night. I see purpose for the iPod as a device that is smaller than the iPads, and lack the cellular and extra expense of getting an iPhone. Now since the iPod has been discontinued, the only options I will have is an iPhone (with cellular, and extra cost), or iPad (much larger screen). These are not good options for the iPod.

What Apple should have done was make the iPod more relevant. They should have increased the screen size by removing the top and bottom bezels. They could have installed a fingerprint reader in the power button. And offer a cellular data option for those that would want an iPod for services like Pandora, or Spotify. I feel if they would have made the iPod relevant, more people will be buying them. For whatever the reason, some people may just not be using the iPhone. And even with me having an iPhone, I only use it as a music player when I’m not home. When I’m home, I use the iPod.

So what would I do if I need to replace the iPod? I would have to go with the iPad mini, and a bluetooth speaker. Another advantage of the iPod was the 3.5mm audio jack for plugging in a speaker. I really don’t want to rely on my computer to play music during the day. This will cause wear on the speakers that can not be replaced.

All in all, I will miss the iPod, and will continue using the two I have until they expire. At that time, I will have to rely on an iPad mini for all of my music needs. This in my opinion is overkill, but it will have to be done.

May’s Plans

My plans for May are a few. As with all months, I changed my razors which I don’t like doing despite how cost effective they are. I also have a couple of doctor’s appointments this month. This will be a bit of effort to deal with them especially for the one in Aspinwall. And then, there are the weekly mail checks, and monthly prescriptions.

Much of my websites are updated, and don’t see a need for any more work done on them. I will like to have more penpals, but don’t see that happening. I am starting to feel like it is me rather than many of the people that stops writing after a few emails. With that in mind, I have decided to phase out my secondary number, and will use my primary cellular phone number for things such as Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp. I will also be less free with giving my cellular number away. If this is not good enough for them, so be it.

Other than my mail checks, and appointments – I have no other plans for the month. If you came across this blog, and want to know a little about me, and what I look for in a penpal, you can write to the following addresses for an auto-responder.

These addresses are not monitored, and any email stored at the collection address is deleted daily. If you wish to reach out to me, visit my Contact Directory.

Hello world!

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new blog. I had a blog a very long time ago, but never updated it. I hope to do better with this one. For my blog, I will enter major events of life, significant changes, and reviews of new items I will receive in the future. As the need arises, I will add new categories. Not much else to say with new site. If you would like to visit my other sites, you can find them by going to If you would like my contact information, you can go to